I am an experienced engineered and laminate flooring fitter specialist with 1000's feet of floors in any shapes and sizes.
     If you want that your new floor to look perfect use a professional service!
 Even the top quality flooring can look cheap when it is not laid perfectly. If you spend top money to buy flooring, make sure that everybody that will walk on it, will admire it.
You don't need to ask for many quotes and wait for hours or days to know how much will cost you, you can calculate it yourself by using the list below.
£14/sqm for 40 sqm or less
  £13/sqm for 40 to 95 sqm
£12/sqm for 95 to 150 sqm
£10/sqm for more than 150 sqm


No Other Hidden Costs
No Call-out Charge!
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    When I will came to you for laying flooring  jobs I am sure that I will be able to help you with any other home improvements jobs you may have in mind because I have the tools and the skills to do it. Just let me know and I will fix it!